Pathological Processes: Take a complex issue like health care and distill it down to simple, easily digestible sound-bytes. Sensationalistic, inflammatory coverage of “diseases in the news” has capitalized on the fears of our health obsessed culture. Fueled by this coverage, the hot, new disease of the week (Swine Flu, Bird Flu, SARS) takes on disproportionate dimensions, while even more serious public health threats continue to take their toll (HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria). Disease is a psychologically freighted term. It can inspire fear, or at least anxiety. Popular media such as tv, radio, internet and social networks capitalize on this un-ease.
The work in this exhibition attempts to put aside the fear of disease and examine objectively, albeit from an artist’s perspective. The various formats and media follow my working process. From initial recognition of a disease to research to image acquisition, I then digitally manipulate the image, experimenting with composition and color. This is followed by a watercolor or mixed media study and finally a completed oil painting.
These works are based on electron micrographs of viruses and bacteria, the cause of many news-making maladies. By visualizing the microscopic I exercise control over the seemingly uncontrollable, separating phobia from aesthetic experience. Demystification and educated awareness are my primary goals.