Hypochondria: Torn between reverence for the human form, and repulsion by its constituent parts, many people express ambivalence for their own well being. I am interested in the ways in which many people dissociate themselves from their bodies and health, while others focus obsessively on them. The twin phenomena of hypochondria and healthism represent extremes of behavior in the spectrum of health perception. These extremes represent the obsessions of culture and society.

I am fascinated by the distinction between perceived health and objective health. This is an age of profound advances in health and medicine, yet there has never been a wider gap between people’s objective health and their perceptions of it. The basis of health perception is complex Рderiving from genetic sources, learned behavior, or external sources such as folklore and the media. These are some of the elements I considered while creating this work.

Through my explorations of interior anatomy, and inherited pre-dispositions of disease, hypochondria, health and longevity, I hope to stimulate thought and reflection regarding the true nature of our bodies and health.